No-bake Sand and Centrifugal Casting

Experts in Stainless Steel, High Nickel and Cobalt Based Alloys

Sand & Centrifugal Casting Manufacturer, Aloke Alloys

Manufactures castings in stainless steel alloys, high nickel alloys, high cobalt alloys, super alloys, duplex alloys, super duplex alloys for corrosion, heat and wear resistant applications.

Aloke Alloys specializes in no-bake sand castings as well as in centrifugal castings

In support of machinery manufacturers, pump manufacturers, valve manufacturers, mechanical seals industry, chemicals industry, fertilizers industry, paper industry, pharmaceuticals industry, steel and galvanizing plants, furnace manufacturers, heat treatment plants, water treatment & sanitation industry and ship building industry.

Located near Mumbai, India as casting experts,

We provide no-bake castings and centrifugal castings including horizontal centrifugal castings, finished fabricated assemblies and vertical centrifugal castings. Through state of the art manufacturing equipments and spares, we deliver castings according to customer specifications in India and overseas.

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